Catherine C. Wallace and Jessica Wallace Marventano make up the mother-daughter team behind Marvelously Well-Mannered. They are civility, etiquette, modern manners, and social skills experts, and have appeared on CBS, ABC and Fox morning shows. They provide civility and business etiquette, personal branding, and dining skills classes, including classes on Capitol Hill for congressional offices and corporate and non-profit government affairs teams. Catherine has a background in teaching while Jessica has spent the past 14 years running the government affairs office of a Fortune 500 company. Having both worked on Capitol Hill, these ladies know Washington and know that manners, etiquette, and social skills matter in business and in life. They are also the co-creators of the award-winning children’s manners, social skills, and etiquette board game, Kindness Kingdom. Both Catherine and Jessica were trained by the Protocol School of Washington in business etiquette and international protocol and were trained to teach children by the International School of Protocol. They both reside in Arlington, Virginia.