Andrea Cecile Cohen is the founder, CEO and Creative Genius behind UK-based No.35

When Emmy® nominated Daniel Lawson, costume designer of CBS’s “The Good Wife” and Andrea Cohen, designer and founder of British brand number 35, began collaborating on clothes for the show, they quickly realized that they shared a similar aesthetic for dressing successful, professional women in powerful but feminine styles. Thanks to their shared vision, Andrea and Dan decided to combine their individual talents to create an inspired collection offering elegant and chic business wear for women.


Together they have applied the strong silhouettes, fabrics and tailoring which are the hallmark of number 35 with the feminine shapes and sophistication for which Dan is renowned in his television work. The result is a superb collection of stunning, beautifully tailored clothes that will embolden women and imbue them with a sense of heightened confidence and femininity. The individual stylish elements of the collection are easy to mix and can effortlessly be transformed to suit any occasion.

The 35·DL collection is distinctive and contemporary with a nod to the classic. Its color palette has been chosen to suit the professional woman. Special focus has been given to:

  • Fit
  • Blend of fabrics and shape
  • Attention to details
  • Shapes designed for all body types

Each piece reflects the core aesthetics and philosophies that Dan and Andrea believe are important: women need to dress in a way that promotes inner confidence, maintains individuality, helping to inspire them to achieve and feel at ease within their chosen fields. Just as an actress’s wardrobe on a film or TV show helps support her performance, so too will 35·DL the professional woman in her pursuit of confidence, success and style.

The collection is tailored using the highest quality Italian fabrics and produced and hand-finished by specialist manufacturers in the UK.