Zoomcast with Dr. Lucy McBride on COVID-19 and strategies for combatting anxiety during uncertain times (Episode 92)

With Dr. Lucy McBride
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Show Notes


My guest today is my friend and my personal physician — the brilliant Dr. Lucy McBride. Dr. McBride is a Harvard and Johns Hopkins University trained doctor of internal medicine whose practice focuses on the treatment of the whole person — Something she refers to as the four corners of health. Dr. McBride joined me on She Said/She Said Podcast back in Episode 25 – if you download that episode you’ll hear more about her personal story and her philosophy for treating patients than we’ll get to today. Suffice it to say she is amazing! 

Right now, like so many health care providers Dr. McBride is on the front lines fighting COVID-19 or coronavirus. She recently launched a terrific website: https://www.lucymcbride.com/ to help provide honest, straightforward answers to questions about this virus. 

Dr. McBride joined me via Zoom for our first She Said/She Said “Zoomcast” to talk about her experience with COVID-19. We also talk about mental health in the context of social isolation and distancing measures. 

So many of you were kind enough to send me thoughts, concerns, and questions via social media in advance of this conversation. We tackle as many of those as we could.

Please note: We recorded this episode on Sunday, March 22, 2020, at 6p.m. Because information is developing and changing rapidly, please be sure to refer to other sources include Dr. McBride’s updates for the latest on COVID-19.