Your most impactful goal may be what you delete or delegate! (Episode 179)

With Mara Smith
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Show Notes

TITLE: Your most impactful goal or resolution may be what you delete (or delegate)!  Episode 179 with Special Guest: Mara Smith, founder/CEO, Inspiro

TOPIC: Building and sustaining influence requires that we prioritize where and on what we spend our time. It’s about effectively managing ourselves, and our time. Sometimes, that means that our most impactful goals are actually conscious acts aimed at removing items from our jam-packed schedules and lists in order to get clarity and to make space for what matters MOST! 

There is a wonderful metaphor in this week’s conversation to illustrate this point: removing things — whether it’s tasks that others can do as well or better than us, or the additives that are often included in alcohol — can lead to greater clarity and innovation. Both have been true for this week’s guest in her life and in her business!  


THIS WEEK’S GUEST: Mara Smith, founder/CEO, Inspiro Tequila

A successful tax attorney, Mara Smith took a 17-year career break to raise her kids. After finding that wine contained both too much sugar and too many calories, she began searching — in vain — for a cleaner alternative. So, she created one! But her vision could only come to life by ruthlessly prioriizing her time, and removing components that would negatively impact or taint the product she envisioned. 



HOW MARA BUILT A NEW, CLEANER TEQUILA BRAND:  Mara and I talk about what was involved in starting from scratch in a new industry, and how she reinvented herself as an entrepreneur in the process.   

PAUSING A SUCCESSFUL CAREER TO RAISE A FAMILY: We talk about Mara’s 17-year career hiatus, and how she overcame the self-doubt about jumping into a role as entrepreneur and company founder. 

GOAL SETTING DOESN’T ALWAYS MEAN “ADDING:” Sometimes our most powerful and impactful goals are the things we delete! Mara’s perspective around prioritization and the clarity it provides is one of my favorite things about this conversation! 


“Drop the Ball” by Tiffany Dufu

”The 1-Page Marketing Plan” by Allan Dib



“What can you say no to? What can you take off your plate?” Mara borrows advice from Spanx Founder Sara Blakley: “If someone can do something 80 percent as well as you, let them.”


Let me know what you thought of the episode! Anything you might delete or maybe delegate to someone else in order to give yourself more space to focus on what matters most? 

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