Your ability to love others starts with loving YOU: Dr. Stefanie Stahl, author “The Child in You” (Episode 138)

With Dr. Stefanie Stahl
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Show Notes

Dr. Stefanie Stahl is an international best-selling author and psychologist. Her critically acclaimed book “The Child In You” has sold more than a million copies and has been the #1 bestselling nonfiction book in her native Germany for the past three years. The book is now available in the US, as well as globally. 

I’m talking to Stefanie today about her unique approach, and how it can help each of us get along better and love more fully. 

As I think about the challenges we are having as a nation, but that are also playing out around the world, Stefanie gives us a practical and thoughtful way of thinking about our own experiences and how they impact our lives into adulthood.

Since this episode is a bit longer than some, I’ve included some helpful notes and time cues for key topics:


00:03:36 why this book resonates

00:14:22 It’s not just experiences that might be characterized as traumatic, but even those micro situations that you carry into adulthood matter

00:26:38 Why self-reflection is a “political necessity” and can help us get along better with others

00:34:38 How to fight the tendency to internalize criticism

00:38:29 self-love v. selfish love

00:47:03 Why your challenges are your responsibility

00:50:03 The Sun Child and how it differs from the Shadow Child

00:56:45 What inspired Dr. Stahl’s work in this area

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