Why CURIOSITY is key for buildling INFLUENCE! SmartHER News founder Jenna Lee (Episode 171)

With Jenna Lee
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Show Notes

Title: Why CURIOSITY is key for building INFLUENCE, and how SmartHER News founder Jenna Lee is leveraging her curiosity to deliver better journalism (Episode 171)



Ever get so frustrated with the news that you throw up your hands unable to find sources that you feel are objective and committing good journalism?  Despite that frustration, challenging ourselves to continuously learn about and make sense of our world is key for building and sustaining INFLUENCE. 

But where do we turn for good, solid, objective sources? 

SmartHER News founder Jenna Lee’s passion and CURIOSITY motivated her to create and offer up a solution to this challenge. What she’s learned and shares in our conversation about finding and tapping into her audience and meeting them where they are can help you regardless of the type of business you are building, or services you are selling. 



Jenna Lee walked away from a lucrative, high profile dream job as a national network anchor at FOX News Channel in New York to follow her passion and create something she believes is missing from the way most of us consume news today— smart, non-partisan stories and information for those who seek to be informed. 

Jenna’s gamble is paying off as her media company SmartHERnews.com is attracting a loyal and dedicated audience.  Jenna’s regular updates and reporting are both efficient and objective and designed to inform, but not incite. 

A core value of  SmartHER News — much like She Said/She Said Podcast — is a recognition that the time you spend consuming news and information —while critical to staying informed — is limited and valuable, and often squished between demands of work, life and kids. 

Prior to her career at Fox News Channel, Jenna graduated with honors from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. She worked as a writer/producer for NY1 News – a 24-hour local news channel based in New York City – as well as created multimedia content for Forbes.com Video Network as an anchor/producer. She began her career as a freelance journalist reporting for district newspapers in her hometown of San Francisco.

Jenna is married to Lieutenant Commander Leif Babin, a decorated U.S. Navy SEAL who is co-author of the NYT best selling book “Extreme Ownership” and co-founder of Echelon Front, a leadership firm that builds high performance teams. The couple has three young children.



CAREER PIVOT: How to plow ahead and not second guess yourself when practically everyone around you thinks you’ve “ruined” your career. 


FINDING YOUR AUDIENCE (or customer): Jenna shares great advice on how she found her audience and why “meeting them where they are” is key to her business model and success. Her advice applies whether it’s an audience or customers you are trying to attract. 


SERVING AN AUDIENCE WITH AUTHENTICITY & VULNERABILITY: How and why authenticity and vulnerability are important for creating a connection and building trust. 


INNOVATION & THE FUTURE OF NEWS: Why innovation in the news business is needed, and how SmartHER News is meeting an important need, and why many traditional news sources haven’t made this shift. 


CURIOSITY: why it matters and how it relates to building influence. 


BUILDING A BUSINESS FROM SCRATCH: Jenna and I dig into the challenges associated with entrepreneurship, and Jenna shares what she’s learned pursuing her dream. 


BALANCING WORK AND LIFE: As a working mom of three, a wife, and an entrepreneur, Jenna shares candidly about the challenges associated with prioritizing her life. 


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