What the first female graduate of the historic Citadel military college learned about taking risks (and what we can learn from her): Nancy Mace (Episode 83)

With Nancy Mace
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Show Notes

One thing we know about confidence is it grows when we do hard things. In Nancy Mace’s case, really hard things against very difficult odds. Nancy is the first woman to graduate from the historic Citadel military college in South Carolina. Her story — including the backlash she received for being one of the first to challenge the Citadel’s then 154-year, male-only history and the reasons why she was compelled to attend — will both surprise and inspire you.  

Nancy commemorated her experience in a terrific memoire called: In the Company of Men: A Woman at the Citadel.” She wrote the book back in 2001, but lessons from her story are as relevant today as they were then.

She is currently serving as a State Representative and is running for Congress hoping to become the first Republican woman ever elected to the U.S. House from the state of South Carolina. Her story will leave you inspired!