Using the power of story to dramatize ideals: pharmaceutical chemist turned fiction author Genevieve “Gen” LaGreca (Episode 120)

With Gen LaGreca
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Show Notes

Genevive “Gen” LaGreca has built a successful career as an independent author who uses the power of story to portray and dramatize thought-provoking ideas and ideals especially related to freedom and independence.  

Her latest book — her fourth — is entitled “Just the Truth.” It casts fictionalized media maven and heroine Laura Taninger in a fight for the truth that will seem eerily timely. Gen wrote the book over a 5 year period, but its themes are particularly relevant now as the 2020 election approaches, and as questions mount about both the integrity of journalism and of the election process. 

Both the book and our conversation, while not partisan, will challenge your thinking no matter which side of the aisle you may identify with most. 

In addition to the book, Gen and I also talk about Gen’s own story and how she went from pharmaceutical chemist to fiction author, how to make a big career pivot — including doing so as a second or third career, and how diversity of experience informs her work. 

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