Treating Patients from the Inside Out & Putting Behavioral Health Front and Center…our conversation with Dr. Lucy McBride (Episode #25)

With Dr. Lucy McBride
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Show Notes

We’re talking health care and self-care with Washington, DC-based doctor of internal medicine Lucy McBride. We discuss what you should know about everything from alternative medicine to menopause and DNA testing, and how you should think about your next doctor’s visit before you even make the appointment. Dr. Lucy has a unique approach to her practice and puts a premium on understanding not only the physical symptoms of her patients, but the underlying drivers that are often behavioral. Our conversation, and Dr. Lucy’s advice on what you should know — and why it can be difficult to talk honestly with our doctor — is insightful and her approach to her medical practice inspiring. Her best advice, “Life is full of potholes and bumps. Ask for help. Don’t try to do life alone. ” She readily admits that for perfectionists — including herself, who she refers to as a “recovering perfectionist” — it can be tough to ask for help, but can make all the difference. She also shares how the birth of her son changed the way she thought about practicing medicine and what she refers to as “the four corners.” You’ll be enlightened and inspired by Dr. Lucy!