Three ways to build influence needed to THRIVE! Episode 215

With Laura Cox Kaplan
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Show Notes

SHOW NOTES Episode 215: “Three ways to build influence needed to THRIVE”

THIS WEEK’S TOPIC: This week’s topic was inspired by a thought-provoking conference I attended last week that was hosted by The Policy Circle. The theme of the conference was building thriving communities. As I reflected on the topic, I thought about how clearly it aligns with how we talk about INFLUENCE on She Said/She Said Podcast. 

Using that inspiration, this week’s podcast focuses on three ways you can build influence in a way that helps YOU to thrive. As I prepared for this week, I went back and pulled a few key episodes that illustrate dimensions of this around three key areas that illustrate this connection. I’ve included those links below. I’d love to know how you think about the link between influence and thriving! Please share your thoughts with me. 

THIS WEEK’S GUEST: I’m solo this week, but so much of the perspective I share comes as a result of so many women and men who have shaped my thinking on this topic, including so many guests on She Said/She Said Podcast!  


Don’t underestimate the smaller habits and practices that contribute to building influence. 

The connection between INFLUENCE and THRIVING.

3 Key Areas for building influence that also help you to THRIVE: 

  1. Curating / editing our story: that includes what you learn from failure.
  2. Investing in ourselves (and in others). 
  3. Engaging with international persistence: thinking about taking action is fine, but actually doing it is even better!

This episode also compliments a LIVE podcast I recorded last week with my friend and the woman who encouraged me to start a podcast — The Policy Circle co-founder and host of Trust Your Voice Podcast Sylvie Legere. In my conversation with Sylvie we dig a little deeper into the topic, so be sure to check that out on Trust Your Voice (link below) as well!


The Policy Circle

BOOK: “Mindset” by Professor Carol Dweck

Episode 188 with Kari Kampakis

BOOK: “More than a Mom” by Kari Kampakis

Episode 205 with Dr. Samantha Boardman

BOOK: “Everyday Vitality” by Dr. Samantha Boardman

Episode 158 with Dina Powell McCormick

Episode 191 with Susan McPherson

BOOK: “The Lost Art of Connecting” by Susan McPherson

Episode 63 with Brittany Underwood, CEO of Akola — admitting failure, pulling the plug and starting over

Trust Your Voice Podcast


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