The power of forgiveness: Siobhan Howard Davenport, Executive Director, Crittenton Services (Episode 85)

With Siobhan Howard Davenport
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Show Notes

What inspires us to make a difference is deeply personal and often directly linked to our experiences. Something resonates within and drives us to use what we’ve learned to help others. Siobhan Howard Davenport embodies this mindset and spirit. She is the Executive Director of Crittenton Services where she helps create opportunities for vulnerable girls in the Washington DC area. Like many of the girls in her program, Siobhan was raised by a guardian – her grandmother. She understands the personal and emotional challenges that many of these girls face, and she understands the impact that can have on a young girl’s confidence. Her personal story — particularly how she learned to embrace vulnerability and find forgiveness for her father — will move and inspire you. 

Siobhan is working to make sure others have the same opportunities that she did by placing intense focus on education, and on helping girls learn important life skills. The Crittenton track record is impressive with a 100 percent graduation rate for girls that participate in the program year over year. Those girls then go on to secondary programs, but they also return to Crittenton to support the next generation as mentors and role models.