The power of conversation and connection over a drink: Hillary Sawchuk, Creator/CEO A Drink With (Episode 79)

With Hillary Sawchuk
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Show Notes

Hillary Sawchuk is the creator and CEO of “A Drink With” — a digital content company that emphasizes the power of conversation and connection over a drink. Hillary and I met for coffee at this year’s The Policy Circle Leadership Summit in Chicago and recorded this conversation on location. 

Hillary shares what inspired her to build “A Drink With,” how she’s working to grow the company, and what she’s learned from incredible guests (folks like Richard Branson) who have joined her for a drink. Her perspective and what she’s learned about herself as a young entrepreneur will resonate with so many listeners, including things like learning not to over-internalize “the high highs” or “the low lows.”

She also shares how she’s learned to own her value (especially in negotiations). Hillary’s vision and the impact she hopes to have through the power of conversation and connection are inspiring!