The power of calm: leadership lessons from Marine Corp Vet & Ranch Road Boots Founder/CEO Sarah Ford (Episode 98)

With Sarah Ford, Founder & CEO Ranch Road Boots
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Show Notes

When Sarah Ford joined the Marine Corp in June 2001 after a post-college trip to visit the beaches at Normandy, she couldn’t have known what would lie ahead. When the 9/11 terrorist attacks occurred, she found herself quickly shipped off to Iraq and Afghanistan even before she was fully trained to be there. After two tours of duty, she attended Harvard Business School where her entrepreneurial gene was fully fueled. After her third tour of duty, Sarah founded San Angelo, Texas-based Ranch Road Boots is is the company’s CEO. My conversation with her is part of our special series on women-owned small businesses and how these leaders are navigating the uncertainties around COVID-19, and evolving as leaders. Sarah shares some of what she learned from legendary military giants that’s been incredibly valuable in running her company, and in navigating the unknowable. These lessons are especially important right now, regardless of whether you are running a company or just trying hard to get through each day. I think you’ll be inspired by her insight and perspective.

Since starting Ranch Road Boots, Sarah has donated a percentage of revenue from each pair of boots sold to the Semper Fi Fund for injured warriors. During COVID-19, she and the company are also supporting health care workers on the front lines through Doctors Without Borders.

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