The key component needed to build your brand can also help you build more INFLUENCE! Fashion exec/entrepreneur Sandra Campos Episode 192

With Sandra Campos
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Show Notes

TITLE: The key component needed to build a strong, authentic brand can also help you build more INFLUENCE! Fashion exec/entrepreneur Sandra Campos, Episode 192



Have you ever thought about the link between your brand (both personal and professional), and your ability to directly influence others, or to get buy-in for your idea or product? 

While the term “authenticity” is often overused, at its core the concept is a critical component needed to build a strong brand. 

The more authentically you are able to reflect your brand, and how well you understand how it (or YOU) adds value to others, the better chance you have of connecting with your potential audience, customer or client. Really owning that value is where your INFLUENCE will grow, and where you can truly flourish.  

Today’s guest helps us think about the power of understanding and tapping into our authentic brand. While she comes from the world of fashion, I can’t think of an instance in which her advice isn’t applicable— including as it relates to building a strong personal brand. 



Sandra Campos has spent three decades working in the fashion industry, and has pivoted repeatedly from corporate executive to entrepreneur and back again. 

In today’s conversation, Sandra talks not only about her incredible career, but how she’s advised and helped to fine tune or build some of the biggest brands in the fashion world — think DVF, Ralph Lauren, DKNY, Selina Gomez, among others. 

You’ll hear how Sandra went from the daughter of tortilla factory owners in Texas (her first exposure to entrepreneurship) to her first job in New York, how and why she’s embraced so many pivots in her life and career, and why she’s so focused on investing in others. 

Sandra has had an incredible array of career experiences in and around the fashion business. But the part of this conversation that really jumped out at me and that I think will especially resonate with you is how Sandra thinks about building a powerful brand. 



BEING AN OUTSIDER and using that to your advantage. Back in Episode 190, I talk about being underestimated and how you can reframe that experience. I think Sandra’s advice in this episode is a great build on Episode 190. If you missed it, be sure to go back and check it out as well. 

PLAN OR NO PLAN? Sometimes the lack of a plan or a backup plan can create more momentum to push forward. That was certainly true in Sandra’s case!

BEING A STUDENT OF THE CONSUMER: Sandra talks about the importance of really understanding your market and your customer whatever business you are in, and how she has done that for the brands she’s worked with and/or created. 

EMBRACING CAREER AND LIFE PIVOTS: Sandra uses her own advice for really tapping into and understanding her value proposition as she has embraced or reacted to opportunities to pivot — both the ones she’s chosen and the ones that she was forced to react to. 

ON BUILDING THE FIRST TEEN CELEBRITY BRAND with Selena Gomez and why that was one of the most impactful chapters in Sandra’s career thus far. 


THE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTIONS SANDRA SAYS YOU SHOULD ASK YOURSELF ABOUT YOUR OWN BRAND: What are you here for? What is the point of whatever it is that you are creating? Why do you feel it’s needed? What makes it different, special or unique? 

SANDRA ALSO TALKS ABOUT THE VALUE OF “WHITE SPACE OPPORTUNITIES” and why they can make a big difference in your brand’s potential for success.

ON THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING THE FACE OF YOUR BRAND and how Sandra thinks about this question as a brand evolves over time.



ON CREATING FASHION LAUNCHPAD and the importance of giving back in a way that helps create more opportunities. 


THE ADVICE SANDRA WOULD GIVE HER 22 YEAR OLD SELF? “Networking is everything.”

Friend, there is so much great advice in this conversation with Sandra. I made a list of a few questions that jumped out at me that you might want to consider as you listen:  think about your own story — the story you craft to reflect your personal brand. Is it a truly accurate reflection of you, your values, and the way you want to connect with your audience?  And, as you think about your brand, is it reflective of the problem(s) that you are particularly well-suited to help your potential customer, potential client or potential connection solve?  Are you a consistent spokesperson for the value that you can and are trying to provide?  


I’d love to hear what you think about these questions as you think about your own journey and how it’s evolved or evolving! 



This conversation with Sandra continues our collaboration series with The Southern Coterie. The Southern C is a network of creative founders and entrepreneurs who are connecting and collaborating in unique ways to achieve business and personal success. I’m honored to be hosting this series and to be part of The Southern C community. 

It’s sometimes hard to quantify the ROI of an investment like this, but I can honestly tell you that in my case it’s at least quadrupled and continues to do so. To learn more about The Southern C, be sure to check out all of the conversations in this series — I’ve included links below, but you can find them wherever you listen to podcasts as well. 

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Sandra Campos