The innovative power of community: The Southern C co-founders Cheri Leavy and Whitney Wise Long (Episode 141)

With Cheri Leavy and Whitney Wise Long
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Show Notes

This week’s guests are the power duo behind The Southern Coterie (otherwise known as The Southern C). Cheri Leavy and Whitney Wise Long have created “a virtual front porch for southern creatives and entrepreneurs.” The community they have built is largely made up of women and includes an exciting mix of artists, consultants, publicists, authors, retailers, artisans, podcasters, designers, and more. 

In Episode 141, we’re talking about the innovative power of community, women supporting women, what makes an effective partnership, inspiration and where it comes from, what we can learn from Cheri and Whitney’s journey, and why collaborative groups like this one are so important for women — perhaps even more so during a pandemic. 

The duo has just completed their highly popular The Southern C Summit which takes place each year in beautiful Sea Island, Georgia. Of course, this year things looked a bit different. We talk about their pivot and what they’ve learned during covid. 

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