Talent Will Take You to the Top; Only Character will keep you there (Episode #15)

With Gloria Story Dittus
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Show Notes

The founder of not one, but two successful public affairs firms, Gloria Story Dittus is a trusted counselor to Members of Congress, Cabinet Secretaries, and business leaders. She is an entrepreneur whose hard work, dedication to her clients, and tireless work ethic sets her apart. And, while all those traits no doubt contributed to her success, it’s her humble, small town upbringing and fear of letting others down that she says has always driven her to go the extra mile. We talk to Gloria about these topics, as well as the value of mentorship, collaboration, client selection, and not being afraid to follow her gut. Her best advice comes from something her grandmother once told her, “Talent will take you to the top; only character will keep you there.” Gloria is inspiring, insightful and most of all authentically herself. She is using her own voice and her own perspective to make a difference in the world.