“Taking the cookies when they are passed” and creating a career that enables you to support your passion: Lisa Nelson, CEO, The American Legislative Exchange Council, Episode 64

With Lisa Nelson
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Show Notes

Lisa Nelson has held senior-most positions in government, politics and the private sector (including at Visa and AOL Time Warner) over the course of her accomplished career. But, it’s her current post as the CEO of the American Legislative Council Exchange (the oldest and largest non-partisan think tank supporting state legislators) that reflects the culmination of those experiences and her passion for problem solving in the form of bipartisan policy solutions. Lisa talks about not only the impact she is working to have now, but why waking up everyday to fight for Constitutional principles fuels her passion.

As a mom who juggled big jobs and two small children, Lisa talks about what “balance” really means, and how facing fear for her means reframing it as “an opportunity to be courageous.”  She talks about finding your “why,” and the importance and value of relationships and support networks.

I especially love Lisa’s advice to “take the cookies when they are passed.” In other words, don’t immediately pass up an opportunity to learn, to explore and to evolve! Her work and her passion are an inspiring example of impact fueled by passion, commitment, experience, and a desire to improve lives by creating opportunities!