Tackling life-threatening food allergies & keeping kids safe: Lisa Gable, CEO Food Research Allergy and Education (Episode #33)

With Lisa Gable
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Show Notes

Lisa Gable has been a change agent for consumer brands, health and wellness, government, and non-profits for many years. Her latest venture takes all those experiences and deploys them to tackle the growing epidemic of life-threatening food allergies.  Currently more than 15 million Americans — including 6 million children — have food allergies. Every three minutes, a food allergy reaction sends someone to the emergency room in the U.S. The causes of this growing epidemic are not well known, but Lisa is at the forefront of research. She is the CEO of the Food Research Allergy and Education organization. In that role, she oversees important research, but also is helping build awareness needed to keep individuals with life threatening food allergies safe. Lisa shares important career advice, as well as practical and timely suggestions to make Halloween less stressful and less dangerous for kids who suffer from allergies.

Lisa’s passion for problem solving, and her desire to help others is a big part of what drives and inspires her. You’ll be enlightened and inspired by her perspective!