“Smart Moves” — helping you save time, money, and your sanity when relocating: Caroline Carter (Episode 103)

With Caroline Carter, home transition expert; author “Smart Moves”
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Show Notes

Caroline Carter is the creator of The Home Transition Process and the author of “Smart Moves,” a terrific book she wrote to help people avoid common pitfalls (and save money) when selling their home or apartment. As the CEO of Done in a Day, a company she founded in 2005, she’s the guardian angel you always wish you had when trying to decide which home improvement project(s) will add the most to the resale value of your home. And, she’s also the person who can guide you through the process of tackling that scary part of your home that needs to be uncluttered or edited, something she refers to as dealing with our “emotional ivy.” Such a great metaphor! 

As we come out of COVID-19, we’ll see significant changes to sectors of the economy including the residential real estate market. Many people who never anticipated they would sell will do so creating opportunities for buyers and sellers alike. The trick is to be ready! In Episode 103, Caroline provides important tips and suggestions for projects you should tackle right now, just in case an amazing opportunity comes along in a few weeks or months, or you decide it’s time to relocate, or downsize. And, she provides a roadmap and tips for helping you maintain your emotional footing as you sort through the emotional baggage associated with your stuff.

Another dimension of Caroline’s story is her evolution as an entrepreneur and how she’s transitioned and expanded her business to help a larger population of consumers (and realtors) by creating valuable content including an upcoming online course. Caroline is a fabulous resource and I know you’ll find great value in her perspective, and be inspired by her no-nonsense, straight-forward approach, and her passion for creating value for people going through one of the most stressful experiences in life — moving.