Should your passion drive your pocketbook, or pocketbook drive your passion? Episode 200 with guest: Bobbi Rebell [part 2 of 2]

With Bobbi Rebell
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Show Notes

TITLE: Should your passion drive your pocketbook, or pocketbook drive your passion? Episode 200

Guest: Bobbi Rebell [part 2 of 2]

TOPIC: You’ve no doubt heard or even received the advice “just follow your passion.” While finding and understanding what you’re good at, and leaning into areas that ignite your creative passions is undeniably good advice, it’s also advice that might not be financially practical at every phase in your life. Part two of my conversation with financial planner, author, and business journalist Bobbi Rebell opens with this topic. 

Too often, conversations about money and personal finance are missing from career development conversations despite the undeniable link that exists for most of us. Too much focus on money could suck the life blood from your dreams; Too little, might prevent you from building the resources needed to pursue that dream in the first place. Like so many things, there’s a balance to be struck. I love that this week’s conversation is grounded in these practical realiities, and in some honest advice about how investing in your career, even when it may mean a lower salary at different stages can help you build important “experience capital” for later — something that was a big part of my own early career experiences. 


THIS WEEK’S GUEST:  Bobbi Rebell is a certified financial planner, author and business journalist. She joins me for part two of our two-part conversation. More about Bobbi. 





  • How to separate your passion from your income source — when you need to. 
  • What you can learn from Bobbi’s biggest financial mistake, which also relates to the people with whom you surround yourself. 
  • The questions you should ask of your future spouse or partner before you say “I do:”  Love can make everything seem rosey, but skipping questions related to money and personal finance can be a big mistake and get your new marriage or partnership off on the wrong financial footing.
  • How personal finance can impact our self-esteem and confidence. 
  • Why the people around you can have an outsized impact on your financial future 
  • How Bobbi thinks about influence. 



Part one of my conversation with Bobbi Rebell – she said/she said podcast Episode 199 

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