Robin Colucci helps experts write books that change the world. Ever thought about writing a book? Don’t write a word until you hear her advice! (Episode 115)

With Robin Colucci
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Show Notes

“The act of writing a book makes you a better authority. It makes you better at what you do,” writing coach, author, and entrepreneur Robin Colucci tells me in Episode 115. But, she’s quick to say that doesn’t mean everyone should write a full length book, or is ready to write a book right now. Her view isn’t meant to discourage would-be writers, but to encourage a more strategic approach to writing a book to build your business. Her perspective, which she shares in this episode, was gleaned over more than two decades of helping experts craft books. It’s based on her own method of helping authors get clarity on what they want to say and, perhaps more importantly, what they want to accomplish with a book. 

Robin’s advice in this episode is on point whether a book is in your immediate future or not. 

A few themes we discuss in this episode:

  • why Robin recommends a personality assessment for would-be authors;
  • landing on your concept;
  • understanding underserved markets;
  • how your “why” and your “concept” are actually different;
  • the biggest obstacles most new authors encounter (that includes lies we tell ourselves about TIME!);
  • dealing with imposter syndrome;
  • pros/cons of going tradition v. self-published route;
  • and much more!

Robin’s personal mantra may be my favorite yet (and is particularly relevant in COVID): “The key to delight is the ability to adjust expectations to match reality. Accept and be present with what is, and find the joy and appreciate what you have.”

You can find more about Robin here. You’ll also find a terrific Writers’ Check List on her website that she will share with you for free. You can also find it in her book “How to write a book that sells you.”

Inspired to get cracking on your own book? Let me know. I’d love to hear what you thought of the episode.

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