Reinvention and embracing change: actress and author Tina Sloan (Episode 102)

With Tina Sloan
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Show Notes

Guiding Light actress Tina Sloan was crushed when the show she put heart and soul into for more than two decades was abruptly cancelled. Lillian Raines had been Tina’s alter ego for 26 years. While the two women — the actress and the character — couldn’t have been more different, Tina was lost without Lillian, and the extended family she built on the show. Working through the loss, she found both a compelling metaphor and way to help other women by writing “Changing Shoes,” her memoir which became a one-woman show. It’s a book about aging and what all women should know. In Episode 102, Tina and I talk about the soap opera world heyday of the 1980s, and how she learned to embrace reinvention and change, even when it’s hard. Let’s face it, change is almost always hard! Tina shares life lessons and perspective that everyone can benefit from, regardless of your stage in life.  

I’m blessed to call Tina a new friend, and hope her story, wisdom, and perspective will help make your journey just a little bit easier. 

Don’s miss Tina’s latest book: Chasing Cleopatra … with a screenplay in the works!

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