Recruiting Women to Run for office…..and what still holds them back (Episode #10)

With Neri Martinez
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Show Notes

For Miami native Neri Martinez recruiting women and minorities to run for office is a life’s mission. She laments a common theme that she still hears from women: “I’m just not qualified,” or “maybe someone else would be better.” While sometimes it is true that a candidate isn’t ready to run, in most cases, the candidate needs to be reassured that she is indeed ready. That’s where Neri comes in. She cajoles, she encourages, she pushes until the would-be-candidate becomes the candidate. Neri and I talked about where this self doubt comes from, how she helps counter it, and why her efforts to increase diversity in elected office matters. We also talked about the importance of role models. Neri is someone you may not have heard of, but that doesn’t make her work any less important. She will inspire you with her commitment and her passion for democracy. As the granddaughter of Cuban-born immigrants her perspective is important and inspiring.

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