Quarantine cooking survival tips: Washington Post Food Video Editor & Food Lawyer Mary Beth Albright (Episode 104)

With Mary Beth Albright
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Show Notes

For Episode 104, I’ve moved into the kitchen with Washington Post Food Video Editor and Host of The Quarantine Cooking Show — my pal Mary Beth Albright. Mary Beth — a food lawyer by training, is an amazing talent with significant expertise in food policy, public health, and food safety. Her passion for food and the art of “real” cooking is contagious, even for this reluctant cook! She’s also hilarious! 

Mary Beth shares some practical cooking tips including her top 10 pantry/freezer staples (important whether you’re cooking through a pandemic or just trying to stay prepared): canned whole tomatoes, honey, nuts, nut butters, frozen berries, rice and pasta, to name a few. She gives us creative suggestions for not only how to use these items, but also important advice on how some of them can serve as substitutions. 

We also talk about the best resources for food safety guidance related to COVID-19, as well as important perspective on severely impacted food-related businesses. 

This is Mary Beth’s second appearance on She Said/She Said. She joined me back in 2018 in Episode 3 where she shared more about her personal story and her role at The Washington Post.

You can also watch Episode 104 here.


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