Quality, sustainability, practicality, and a laser focus on customer experience: Kate Boyer, dynamic CEO of Anatomie shares her secrets for success (Episode 106)

With Kate Boyer, CEO, Anatomie
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Show Notes

Kate Boyer is the CEO of luxury activewear company Anatomie. Recognized as one of the most disruptive brands in 2020 (just behind All Bird Shoes) Kate, together with her husband Shawn who runs the design side of the business, had to even more fully embrace this notion of disruption. Using her passion for the brand and for their customer, she retooled the company’s marketing focus while simultaneously reinventing a salesforce to make up for lost revenue due to COVID. That’s not so unusual, but doing it practically overnight is! Up until COVID, Anatomie relied on high-end resorts and cruise lines for about 50 percent of its business. 

Kate was born in Soviet-occupied Budapest, Hungary. Her journey from there to where she is today required tremendous grit, risk-taking, and determination, not to mention embracing entrepreneurship and free enterprise which were all but unheard of under the communist regime of her youth. You will love the story of why and how she got her start, and how she thinks about direct-to-consumer sales and branding. 

Kate also shares important advice on staying true to your core mission and brand, and she reminds us that “we can’t be all things to all people.” That’s true whether you’re running a retail company, or just managing yourself.

There is so much to love about Kate, and the Anatomie brand. (I’ve included links below to items we talked about in the episode, including the amazing camo cargos!) Kate’s energy and positivity are truly contagious! 

To learn more about Anatomie, and be sure to follow Kate and Anatomie on Instagram @AnatomieStyle



Laura’s favorites: https://anatomie.com/collections/essentials/products/beth-button-front-shirt (both Kate and Laura were wearing the Beth essential button front shirt for this interview – photos on the website)



Behind the scenes photos of Kate, her creative director husband Sean Boyer, and newly adopted pup Luna: