Put some “YAY in your day” with author and Woman’s Day Editor-in-Chief Meaghan B Murphy (Episode 157)

With Meaghan B Murphy
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Show Notes

Ever struggle to stay positive? Even for the most upbeat and optimistic, the past year has put our positivity to the test!

Today’s guest lives her YAY every day and has literally written a book to help us do the same. Meaghan B Murphy is the editor-in-chief at Woman’s Day — a magazine that even in the downturn of print advertising still reaches some 18 million readers each month. Meaghan is also the author of “Your Fully Charged Life: A Radically simple approach to having endless energy and filling every day with yay.” 

I read Meaghan’s book “Your FULLY CHARGED LIFE” on a flight back from the West Coast. It literally made me smile all the way home. That’s saying something, because if you haven’t flown across the country on a long haul flight during covid it’s a lot less fun than it used to be. You’ll want to add this one to your summer reading list! I loved it, and I think you will too. 

Meaghan’s journey to becoming the positive, “lightening bolt” we see today was with not without hardship. She shares why and how she made that transition, and how she developed the methodology behind “Your Fully Charged Life.” Her tips include things that you can put to use right now!

Meaghan is also a regular on morning shows, dispensing home and life hacks to audiences on: Today, GMA, and Live with Kelly & Ryan. In our conversation Meaghan also talks about how she learned “job crafting.” It’s such great perspective, especially if you are looking to spice things up in your existing role, or trying to create a platform that enables you to pivot into a different career. 

You can also find Meaghan as co-host of “Off the Gram” podcast, as well as with her husband Pat and three young children in Westfield, NJ.

Meaghan’s philosophy of choosing little things every single day to boost your energy, your creativity and your positivity fits so beautifully into one of the topics we often talk about on this podcast — the power of mindset. This conversation is a great reminder that we often have more power than we may realize in how we show up to the world. 

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