“Pull It Off: Removing Your Fears & Putting on Confidence” a conversation with singer, author, influencer, & CUBS fan Julianna Zobrist (Episode #28)

With Julianna Zobrist
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Show Notes

There are lots of ways to define confidence. The one that best describes the talented and thoughtful  Julianna Zobrist is “a belief in who you are, and the courage to BE that person.” Julianna exudes authentic, self-assured confidence. Her love of life and commitment to self improvement (and helping others to do the same) has led to a career that inspires and empowers others as she uses her talents, her faith, and “superpowers” to live her biggest life. #GirlCrushAlert! (If you don’t follow her on Instagram – do it now!) I had high expectations prior to our conversation, and Julianna more than exceeded them! 

I sat down with Julianna during The Policy Circle Summit in Chicago, which is hosted by Sylvie Legere Ricketts who provided the original inspiration for the She Said/She Said podcast. I talked with Julianna about her new book “Pull It Off: Removing Your Fears and Putting On Confidence,” her music (her most recent album “Shatterproof”), her marriage (her husband is Cubs 2nd basement and 2016 World Series MVP Ben Zobrist), fame, motherhood, and so much more. She’s a breath of fresh air and her perspective and joyful soul will leave you ready to take on the world!