Polling, Millennials, Life Lessons, and the future of the GOP….Perspective from pollster Kristen Soltis Anderson (Episode #2)

With Kristin Soltis Anderson
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Show Notes

Best selling author of The Selfie Vote, nationally-recognized GOP pollster, podcast creator and co-host, and regular guest commentator, Kristen Soltis Anderson combines her passion for data with great storytelling in ways that have consistent impact, especially as she explains the preferences of Millennial voters. But it’s her authenticity, savvy, and accessibility that differentiate her from the pack. We met with Kristen on Capitol HIll not far from her The Pollsters’ studio and talked about the future of polling, all things Millennial, and the future of the GOP. She is nothing if not engaging and insightful. Her leadership shines through not just in her smart, engaging approach, but in her willingness to share her perspective and advice to help others, especially other women! She Said/She Said has been the lucky beneficiary of Kristen’s advice and we are grateful! Learn more about Kristen from her website.