Overcoming fear, defying odds, and helping others do the same: Megan Bushell, CEO, DEFY & Miss Kansas 2004 (Episode 150)

With Megan Bushell
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Show Notes

Megan Bushell is the CEO of Defy, a sports and performance drink and product brand she co-founded with former NFL hall of famer Terrell Davis of the Denver Broncos. 

Defiance and perseverance are something Megan knows a bit about because her story and her path to the c-suite isn’t necessarily typical. It’s one of many things I love about this episode and think you will too! 

We do a deep dive into Megan’s origin story and how competition — specifically in the Miss America pageant system — fueled her ability to overcome fear.  Megan was Miss Kansas 2004, and placed in the 10 top at Miss America that same year. Those accomplishments came only after trying and failing some nine times before. 

Megan and I talk about what she learned from that experience and the value that comes from challenging ourselves, learning to compete, and especially learning from our failures and setbacks. Those are such important building block for confidence. We also talk about work/life prioritization, picking partners, and knowing our value. 

And, we also talk about the innovation and growth in the CBD market and how products — like those at DEFY — are helping their customers compete and stay in the game. 

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