“No one ever becomes poor from giving:” our conversation about impact & creativity with artist and teacher Theresa Girard, Episode 65

With Theresa Girard
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Show Notes


Theresa Girard is an artist and teacher who produces workshops for creative people, and for those hoping to spark their creativity. 

She’s an exhibiting member of the Providence Art Club, maintains studios in Rhode Island and Bonita Springs, Florida, and is the founder and former Art Director of Access to Art, a community based fine art program. Before pursuing her art career she had a successful career as a corporate marketing executive. 

In this episode we talk about Theresa’s path to her art career, as well as several topics that are important even if you are not pursuing a career in art: finding your calling; knowing when a project is done; and letting go of criticism (self-inflicted or otherwise). This is especially important when you’ve invested heart and soul into a project and shared your vulnerability with the world. Theresa says sharing that vulnerability (even when it makes us uncomfortable) creates openness and moves you toward your true potential. 

We also talk about Theresa’s guiding philosophy — popularized by Don Miguel Ruiz in the Four Agreements – which advocates freedom from self-limiting beliefs. As we’ve heard from so many of our guests on the podcast, there is tremendous value in positive mindset and perspective no matter your chosen field.  And, we talk about the tremendous value that comes from engaging our curiosity to unlock problem solving potential and innovation. 

Theresa lives her life with the following mantra in mind: “No one becomes poor from giving.”

A big thanks to Louisa Gould and The Louisa Gould Gallery in Vineyard Haven, MA for hosting our conversation and for introducing us to Theresa! (and a big thanks to my extra special, junior intern!)