Thinking beyond the “what was” to the “what if’s” in the corporate events space: Laura Hayes Morgan (Episode 101)

With Laura Hayes Morgan
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Show Notes

In Episode 101, we continue our series with women owners of small businesses and how they are impacted and adapting during COVID. My guest is my friend Laura Hayes Morgan who is the CEO of Creative Event Strategies based in Raleigh, NC. Like so many businesses, Laura’s entire line up of major national events were cancelled practically overnight as quarantine and lock down measures went into effect around the country. She shares her experience, how she’s pivoted her business strategy to meet the current moment, and how she says you can continue to get the greatest return on your event investment dollars even when events are virtual. Laura brings an incredibly thoughtful approach to her work and to the partnerships she creates with her clients.  Lessons that apply well beyond the event space. 

Two other important things I would point out in this conversation: Laura’s positivity and her creativity as she thinks beyond the “what was” and more about the “what if’s” as she works with clients to achieve strategic objectives; and her approach to managing stress through something she refers to as “Forest Bathing.” 

I think you’ll find great insight in Laura’s perspective and be inspired by her grateful approach to her life and her work! 

Laura’s book recommendation: “Forest Bathing”