Navigating and surviving the unexpected: Maggie Craddock, executive coach and author of “Lifeboat” (Episode 117)

With Maggie Craddock
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Show Notes

Maggie Craddock is President and Founder of Workplace Relationships. She is a former Wall Street financial analyst turned executive coach who has worked with clients at all levels — from Fortune 500 CEOs and executives to those just starting out in their careers. Maggie’s work has been featured nationally on CNBC, the Harvard Business Review, NPR, Wall Street Journal among many others. She’s also the author of three terrific books including her latest: “Lifeboat: navigating unexpected career change and disruption.” Maggie uses the story of the Titanic and the passengers in Lifeboat #6 as the backdrop for powerful leadership lessons about what happens and how we react in a crisis and what we can do to lead and engage more effectively even when the worst happens. This book could not have come at a better time!

In Episode 117, you’ll learn:

  • why people may need an executive coach and how to approach that relationship.
  • the power of pausing especially in a crisis.
  • how to find the strength we may not know we have.
  • the role of emotional agility.
  • how to find and understand your “inner iceberg.”
  • what we can learn about leadership and navigating a crisis through the story of the Titanic and it’s survivors.
  • what made Margaret Brown, who becomes the leader in Lifeboat #6, so effective and so fascinating.
  • why “lifeboat feedback” is essential.
  • the importance of learning to understand your value.
  • and how Maggie worked through her own career pivot.

As Maggie tells me in our conversation, “You can’t be a genuine value to others until you learn to be true to yourself.”

There is so much terrific wisdom and value in this conversation, and I would love to know what resonated with you?

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