More than “style” binds this fab mother-daughter team: Alison Bruhn & Delia Folks, co-founders “The Style That Binds US” (Episode 137)

With Allison Bruhn & Delia Folk
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Show Notes

This week … I’m joined by mother-daughter duo Alison Bruhn and Delia Folk, the stylish, visionary founders behind a next generation women’s media and fashion company “The Style That Binds Us.” 

In Episode 137, I talk to the Birmingham, Alabama natives about their unique partnership and business model, and what makes it work. 

Because The Style That Binds Us is tackling style, culture and fashion in a new way, it requires both women to not only embrace the risk (and often discomfort) that comes with any new and emerging venture. It also means that each brings her unique skill set and strengths to bear on the business and on the partnership. That diversity of perspective — in this case generational and career experience — makes for a winning combo!  The fact that the two share DNA, style, and a deep love and respect for each other doesn’t hurt either!

PERSONAL STYLE CONSULTING …. One dimension of the business is Alison’s focus on personal style consulting and helping her clients boost their confidence through style choices that compliment and fit lifestyle and pocketbook. She often confronts those who hit a life milestone and ask, “Am I too old to wear this?” or “Is there any such thing as “age appropriate fashion” for someone 40, 50, 60, or 70?” 

On the other end of that question, is how we can help our teen and tween daughters build their confidence while making good style choices, despite endless images of mid-drifts, high heels (and worse) that surround them. 

B2B … Another dimension of the business is advising emerging brands on marketing and collaborations, and understanding key trends that drive customers and buying patterns — everything from new sustainability benchmarks, tremendous competition, and a greatly altered marketplace due to covid. We talk about what you should know about these trends and how they may impact your closet and buying options. 

There’s so much packed into this conversation with Alison and Delia! I’m excited for you to hear from them! I’d also love to know what you think. Send me a message via the website contact form, or DM me on Instagram. 

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