Flower Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Margot Shaw on finding your niche, keeping the faith, and never losing your sense of humor! (Episode 76)

With Margot Shaw
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Show Notes

Necessity — coupled with frustration — is often the mother of invention. That was true for Birmingham’s Margot Shaw. She went looking for a magazine dedicated to all things floral but couldn’t find one. So, she created it.  It’s called Flower Magazine and it is the only lifestyle floral publication in the US. Margot is the editor-in-chief. But Margot’s motivation through frustration is only part of the story. Her faith, and her recovery from a battle with opioid addiction is what enabled her to see her passion clearly and to open herself up to a possibility that would otherwise have seemed unlikely. She’s tough, determined, and kind, but it’s her quick Southern wit and ability not to take herself too seriously that draws you in. 

Flower Magazine — which Margot launched in 2007, has just celebrated its 12th anniversary. Unlike most publications today, it’s growing, and has recently transitioned from a quarterly to bimonthly publication schedule.  


Margot is also the author of a beautiful new book called “Living Floral.” We caught up with her on a book tour stop through Washington, D.C. 


Margot talks about all of this, as well as finding your niche’ and bringing one’s passion to life. In Margot’s case, doing so in her late 40s. We also talk about the  importance of creativity and beauty, and the impact both can have on sparking innovation and problem solving.