Managing your personal & organizational brand during COVID-19: Tamara Edwards, CEO TE&CO (Episode 94)

With Tamara Edwards, CEO, TE&Co & Broad Shoulders
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Show Notes


I don’t know about you, but one of the challenges I’ve faced during this period of COVID-19 is how much to continue with business operations. What’s the right flow of information publicly, and what ways can I use my platform to support others’ efforts? It hasn’t been easy, and I suspect many of you may also be experiencing something similar. For Episode 94, I invited my friend Tamara Edwards, CEO of Chicago-based TE&CO to join me via Zoom to talk about tools and tactics for managing your brand. Her advice applies to both personal, as well as organizational and business brands, but, it’s especially helpful for smaller organizations, entrepreneurs and content creators.  

Here are four takeaways: 

  • Don’t be afraid to communicate. Your audience/customer/follower wants to hear from you. Be honest, be sensitive, but communicate. And, it doesn’t have to be perfect!
  • To communicate most effectively, you need to KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE. 
  • BE CREATIVE with ways that you can both help others and showcase your brand at the same time. Check out  how she’s using #HowWeHome as an example. 
  • When your business changes/evolves, your profile on social media should reflect that evolution as well. 

Follow Tamara on Instagram or @te_presents . I think you’ll find all of Tamara’s advice and perspective helpful and insightful. Please let me know what you think! Reach me via the contact link or

Big thanks to Tamara, and to Adam Belmar for production assistance. Be safe and be well!