Making your virtual interactions and presentations more impactful and effective: Allison Shapira, CEO of Global Public Speaking (Episode 97)

With Allison Shapira, CEO, Global Public Speaking, LLC
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Show Notes

Almost overnight, we lost the ability to connect with each other and our teams face-to-face and in person. The shift to an entirely virtual world is challenging, often complex, but not impossible if you have the right tools. 

Allison Shapira is the CEO of Global Public Speaking, the author of “Speak with Impact” and a professor at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. In this episode, she shares her top tips for maximizing the impact you can have when “in person” is no longer an option.

One thing that trips most people up: not looking directly at the camera. In this episode she shares how to do that, and why it matters. She also shares great perspective on how to deliver difficult news to your team, and why it’s especially important to manage our own anxiety.

As the founder and owner of her business, Allison also talks about how she is evolving her business, and how even in times of overwhelming uncertainty you can find tremendous energy and creativity by focusing on how to help others.

This is Allison’s second appearance on She Said/She Said. She joined me for Episode 23 to talk about her personal story and finding her true voice and calling.

Allison and her team shared some great free resources that with help you now and when we get to the other side of COVID-19.

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