Making the world a better place one “little word” bracelet at a time! Adriana Carrig, CEO/Founder, The Little Words Project (Episode 126)

With Adriana Carrig
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Show Notes

It’s often the simplest ideas that have the most inspiring impact! Adriana Carrig, the founder and CEO of The Little Word Project, took an idea she had for inspiring kindness and created a pay-it-forward jewelry company one kind, thoughtful word at a time. 

In this episode, Adriana and I talk about how being the target of bullying actually inspired the original idea, and how she has scaled the business from a dorm room operation of one, to a full-scale direct-to-consumer and B2B company of 25. We also talk about weathering covid, how to pick partners and influencers, and what she learned about herself from the business and customers’ stories. 

We also talk about plans currently underway for expansion including a non-profit she launched called The BLOCK, and the impact she hopes to have more broadly.

There is much to love about Adriana’s incredible energy and passion for helping and inspiring others. If you think nice girls don’t finish first, think again! 

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(Wearing my own customized Little Word Project bracelets “Believe” and “She Said.”)