Living with passion and purpose: Dr. Praise Matemavi, first Zimbabwean abdominal transplant surgeon (Episode 118)

With Dr. Praise Matemavi
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Show Notes

This week, Episode 118 is all about passion, purpose, and overcoming significant odds to accomplish a life-long dream! I’m talking with Dr. Praise Matemavi, the first Zimbabwean abdominal transplant surgeon. “Passion and Purpose” is also the name of her new book. The book is a collection of stories and interviews with some 75 Black women surgeons from 27 countries – including the U.S. — who have broken barriers to follow and achieve their dreams. Their stories, as well as Dr. Matemavi’s, are incredible examples of grit, determination and resilience in the face of incredible odds. And, many of these women (including Dr. Matemavi) represent ground-breaking firsts in their respective fields of surgery.

Dr. Matemavi dreamed of becoming a doctor from a very young age, but couldn’t find role models who looked like her to help guide her journey. With “Passion and Purpose: Black Female Surgeons,” she’s written the book she needed, but could not find. It’s a book that provides important role models for women and girls and especially women and girls of color.

Today, Dr. Matemavi is the Assistant Professor of Surgery at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, where she is also a practicing transplant surgeon. She also recently launched a podcast which is also called “Passion and Purpose.” 

In this episode, Dr. Matemavi and I talk about:

  • her amazing journey and how she stayed on track even in the face of challenging life circumstances that included domestic abuse;
  • Dr. Praise Matemavi’s book “Passion and Purpose: Black Female Surgeons”
  • imposter syndrome and what the women in her book have done to overcome (or deal with) it;
  • mentorship and sponsorship;
  • role models and why they matter;
  • gratitude for life lessons, even the tough ones;
  • dealing with subtle, and not so subtle discrimination;
  • perfectionism;
  • how she thinks about impact;
  • and much much more!

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