Life Lessons, Impact, and Perspective From Award-winning TV Producer & Executive Betsy Fischer Martin (Episode #48)

With Betsy Fischer Martin
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Show Notes

Betsy Fischer Martin is an Emmy-winning television executive and producer, having spent some 23 years at NBC News’ top-rated Sunday public affairs show “Meet the Press.” Currently, she is the Executive Director of the Women and Politics Institute at American University. She also coaches and advises corporate executives on interview preparation and media interaction at a company she founded.

Betsy’s long-time boss at Meet the Press — the late Tim Russert — was a legend in television journalism and in Washington. Betsy shares what she learned from him, the value of his authenticity, and how it shaped her view not only of journalism, but in working with others and in setting clear priorities in life (even and especially when you are in a high profile job).  Betsy and I also talk about making mentorship a two-way street, and about career transitions, and how to apply your skills and experiences in new ways to add value and have a bigger impact.  You’ll love Betsy’s energy, perspective, and her own authenticity! She’s leading and having an impact especially on the next generation of young women leaders!