Expanding the Political Playing Field: “Winning for Women” with Rebecca Schuller (Episode #46)

With Rebecca Schuller
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Show Notes

Rebecca Schuller is the Executive Director of Winning for Women.  She is working — along with an all female, all star team — to close the gender gap in Republican politics and expand the political playing field. Winning for Women focuses not only on candidate recruitment, but, as importantly, on creating a grassroots network of supporters to rival that of EMILY’S LIST on the political left. Rebecca shares not only her vision for the organization, but perspective on the last election cycle. She also shares incredibly practical advice on managing career transitions and finding your purpose no matter what path your journey takes you. Her final words of advice in this episode (which she readily admits is difficult advice to follow) will resonate with so many of our listeners: “Don’t let the perfect get in the way of the good.” Even if it’s not “perfect,” it’s incredibly important to keep moving forward!