Lessons in Advocacy & Life…. Live recording at Professional Women in Advocacy with Ketchum Exec KayAnn Shoeneman (Episode #30)

With KayAnn Shoeneman
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Show Notes

This week we’re delighted to bring you a special broadcast of She Said/She Said podcast recorded LIVE at the 2018 Professional Women in Advocacy Conference in Washington, D.C.  The conference brings together women advocates working in all aspects of government relations and public affairs including political engagement, lobbying, communications, fundraising, law and campaigns. Consistent with the focus of She Said/She Said, the conference emphasizes collaborative learning, and personal improvement through shared best practices and skill building that help leaders in all areas of advocacy and engagement thrive, grow and succeed. My guest for this conversation is KayAnn Shoeneman, who is the Marketplace Leader and Washington Office head of Ketchum Public Relations. KayAnn provides practical advice and insights relevant not only for practitioners, but for anyone interested in advocacy, and social media engagement. And her personal story, including her recent battle with colon cancer, is inspiring! A big thank you to LeeAnn Petersen, the CEO of Professional Women in Advocacy, for including She Said/She Said in this year’s conference.