Lessons & Advice from the World’s Most Powerful (Episode #6)

With Nina Easton
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Show Notes

Nina Easton has spent decades interviewing the world’s most powerful women and men. She’s an accomplished journalist, best-selling author, and now an entrepreneur who is using her personal “superpower” as a storyteller to help others bring unique, personal stories to life. We talked with Nina about her latest project where she traveled to Saudi Arabia to talk to women who will legally be able to drive for the first time this summer, and what this development means for women across the Middle East.

Always thoughtful, smart, and insightful, Nina also shared terrific advice including the importance of feedback and how to condition yourself to receive it. “Depersonalize it. Make it about the work and not about you,” she said. Similarly, when asked about confidence and where it comes from she said, “Get outside of your own head. Think less about you and just keep going.” Great advice, and clearly reflective of Nina’s work ethic and determination, but also her experience interviewing and picking up tips from the world’s most powerful leaders at Fortune’s Most Powerful Women and Fortune’s Global Leadership Summit.

Our favorite piece of advice by far was Nina’s recommendation to celebrate your “have done” lists. In other words, celebrate your accomplishments, rather than getting too wrapped in your “to do lists.” Your accomplishments, even the small ones, can provide the personal energy source that keeps you going.

Don’t miss this terrific conversation with our wonderful friend — and great supporter of women — Nina Easton!