Learn to slay your inner dragon with Katherine Wintsch, “Dragon Slayer,” CEO of The Mom Complex, and author of “Slay Like a Mother” (Episode 78)

With Katherine Wintsch
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Show Notes

In episode 78, you meet a real, honest-to-goodness dragon slayer — Katherine Wintsch, CEO of The Mom Complex and author of “Slay Like A Mother.” Like so many of us, Katherine has spent much of her life struggling with a cripplingly cruel voice inside of her own head, a voice whose negativity made every obstacle or challenge feel insurmountable and fueled her depression. These voices don’t just appear in motherhood, but often grow more intense as the pressure to care for others and ourselves increases. 

Katherine provides smart, practical advice based on her own experience and story, as well as on the research she’s conducted with women around the world. She has learned to slay her own dragon, and can help you do the same with yours.