Leading in Tech & the C-Suite: Perspective from the CEO of the Center for Democracy & Technology (Episode #12)

With Nuala O’Connor
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Show Notes

She Said/She Said tackles technology, data privacy, and what you need to know to be a tech savvy consumer. Our guest, Nuala O’Connor, is an expert in the field, and role model. Nuala is the CEO of the Center for Democracy and Data. She comes to this position following a distinguished career in both government and the private sector. She was the first privacy officer and one of the first executive-level employees at Department of Homeland Security following 9/11. She held similar privacy officer roles at The Department of Commerce, as well as at GE, and Amazon (where her position also included responsibility for customer trust). Nuala successfully combines and embraces the roles of mom (she is the mother of three) and executive, and she provides incredible insights into both. We talk best practices and personal responsibility as it relates to personal, digital security, but we also talk about the growing digital divide, fairness in algorithms, the role of government, and the challenges with balancing data privacy against the needs of government and law enforcement. We think you will be inspired by Nuala’s passion, her insights and her perspective. To learn more about Nuala follow her on twitter @privacymama or at www.CDT.org. And, if you are enjoying this podcast, please leave us a review. We would love to hear from you.