“Leading from every seat” especially during COVID-19: Jennifer Curley, CEO, Curley Company (Episode 96)

With Jennifer Curley, CEO, Curley Company
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Show Notes

In this episode, we launch the first in a series of conversations with small business leaders about the unique leadership challenges associated with COVID-19. We look at what leaders are learning, how they are leading differently, and in what ways their approach may have changed or evolved forever. No matter where you sit, the perspective of these leaders provides great insight.

Jennifer Curley is the CEO of Curley Company, a PR and crisis communications firm in Washington, DC. She shares her thoughts and tips for: staying focused and managing your organization’s culture in a manner that’s potentially very different from how most leaders are accustomed. She also emphasizes the importance of encouraging women leaders to draw upon those leadership traits and perspectives that often come more naturally to them — with empathy and life experience often at the top of that list.

Jennifer says one of her company’s core values has always been “Leading from every seat,” but the meaning behind that statement is much deeper now and includes encouraging her team to continue to provide both feedback and encouragement to each other, as well as to senior leaders. Jennifer’s authentic, positive approach will resonate, and inspire you. You’ll also love her creativity around things like #ToiletTuesday at home. She’s embracing the unknown while working to evolve her business to meet demand. Her mindset and authentic leadership set an incredibly positive example for her team and her clients.

Next week, we’ll continue building upon the series with additional insights on how to make your virtual interactions more powerful and impactful.

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