Launching your comeback with Ginny Flynn Brzezinski, author “Comeback Careers” (Episode 86)

With Ginny Flynn Brzezinski
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Show Notes

Ginny Flynn Brzenski is the co-author of a terrific book called “Comeback Careers: Rethink, Refresh, Reinvent Your Success at 40, 50, and beyond.” Like so many women, Ginny took a career break and detour to be more present for her kids after having worked in politics on Capitol Hill.  But when she got ready to relaunch herself into more substantial work after that break, she found that tricky. 

Given how common career breaks and detours are for women, there still aren’t as many great resources to support us as we pivot — including those shifts that are forced upon you with layoffs, downsizing, getting fired. 

Ginny’s book taps into and addresses so many topics related to women at mid-career or second careers, or coming back to work after an extended break. 

Ginny’s sister-in-law is Morning Joe’s Mika Brzenski. Mika is also the author and creator of Know Your Value. But it was Ginny who inspired the idea of really digging into Comeback Careers

One caveat — if you’re thinking “ok I’m in my 20s or 30s … this conversation is not relevant for me.”  But it is! Here’s why: It’s really important for younger women be aware of and plan for career junctures — especially those that you won’t necessarily know are coming. Some can be forced upon you. Others, like mine, can be more about falling out of love with what had once been your dream job and yearning to challenge myself more to find new ways to have an impact. 

Even when you are making the choice to leave a job there can be distinct challenges associated with that. So, if you’re on the younger, please stay with us. I really do think you’ll find this conversation really valuable. 

I should also mention — I’m so grateful that Ginny and Mika included my own career transition story in “Comeback Careers” pg. 59-60. My story, of course, led to the creation of this podcast! 

If you’re planning to buy this terrific book (and I hope that you will!), please consider purchasing via our link. It helps support She Said/She Said Podcast without no additional cost to you! xo

Comeback Careers: Rethink, Refresh, Reinvent Your Success — at 40, 50, and Beyond

Big thanks to EFB for hosting us in their terrific Capitol Hill studio!