Kerry Healey: Living and advancing the American Dream for others (Episode 82)

With Kerry Healey
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Show Notes

The American Dream and the freedom it represents resonates so deeply with Americans. None more so than Kerry Healey who has not only lived the American Dream, but has devoted her life to reducing barriers to enable others to achieve it. 

An internationally recognized leader in higher education, public policy, and politics, Kerry has served as the Lieutenant Gov of Massachusetts – alongside then Gov. Mitt Romney – where much of her work focused on public safety and criminal justice, as well as closing state budgetary shortfalls. One of her many accomplishments included the passage of Melanie’s Law, a 2005 law that strengthened penalties for drunk driving in order to keep repeat offenders off the road. 

Kerry was also the first female President of Babson College until July 2019. 

As we enter a new decade, Kerry is tackling it with renewed passion as the inaugural president of the Center for Advancing the American Dream. She is drawing upon her past experience in academia, politics, and public policy to think about the obstacles that exist today that impact individuals’ ability to achieve their dreams — everything from public education to entrepreneurship to financial literacy to health care. 

In Episode 82, I talk with Kerry about what the American Dream means to her, and what she’s hoping to accomplish at the Center. We also talk about her experiences running for office — why she did so, especially in a state where her chances of winning were slim. We talk about how to bounce back from a loss — political or otherwise, the importance of political parity on both sides of the aisle, and the value of planning for each chapter of your life. 

Regardless of your path, Kerry’s perspective and her passion for surrounding yourself with others who share a positive outlook and who want to make a difference will resonate. 

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