Jean Chatzky: Creating your personal legacy with smart money strategies to achieve financial independence (Episode #50)

With Jean Chatzky
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Show Notes

Jean Chatzky is a legend in the personal finance world having worked for almost three decades to change the way people — especially women — think about their relationship with money. She has reached literally millions of people from her post as financial editor of the Today Show where she provides practical advice and thoughtful perspective to help viewers make the most of their money. She’s parlayed what was once a side hustle into a company — HerMoneyMedia — and now a podcast “Her Money” where she — and Executive Producer Kelly Hultgren – take listener questions, and interview a broad range of experts. Jean has written countless articles and books on the topic of personal finance. Her latest book released last week is called: “Women with Money: The Judgment-Free Guide to Creating The Joyful, Less-Stressed, Purposeful (and, yes Rich) Life you Deserve.”

Jean talks with me about her career journey, the role confidence plays in financial decision making (especially for women), and the importance of doing things that make you just a bit scared. While she makes her segments on the Today Show look very easy, tells me how she got physically ill every time she went on the show for the first two years! (But doing so helped her get over the anxiety she originally felt). Jean talks about the ways in which women often differ from men as they think about investment strategies, and why understanding your “money story” (which she also discusses in “Women with Money”) is a critical part of getting a handle on your personal finances. We also talk about when and how we should talk to our kids about money. Jean’s passion for personal finance is inspiring, and the impact she’s having on how we think about saving and investing unmistakable!

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