Is perfection holding you back? Understanding the link between fear and perfection, and what you can do about it! (Episode 229)

With Laura Cox Kaplan
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Title: Is perfection holding you back? Understanding the link between fear and perfection (and what to do about it!)

Episode 229

Guest: solo


The past few weeks on She Said/She Said Podcast we’ve talked about making our goals stickier, building our digital brands, and communicating our value. All of these things can be very important to building our credibility and also our influence. 

But there is often a roadblock we haven’t discussed that can sit in our path when we consider doing these things. It can also be an obstacle to our telling our most authentic and powerful stories, and taking the risk to do so. 

It’s perfection, and the fear and self-doubt that often underpin it. 

This week, I’m tackling this topic, along with how to recognize the signs and some ways to stop perfectionistic tendencies from fueling self-doubt. 



I’m solo this week, which gives me a chance to share my own perspective and experience with perfection, and some of the ways I work to manage it. For me, perfectionism never fully leaves me. I think that can be true for many people who struggle with perfectionism.  But, learning to understanding that, and learning to do a better job of recognizing the signs can be the key to truly managing it. Just because you experience perfectionism doesn’t mean it has to hold you back! 



How perfectionism can impact our ability to build our strongest brand and tell our most impactful and authentic stories

Why I don’t think perfection ever completely leaves you

Two often overlooked signs of perfection: fear and procrastination

The dangers of over-preparation

How “doing” builds confidence, and can help counteract perfectionism 

5 specific tips for keeping perfectionism in check: 

  1. Be proactive and create opportunities to challenge yourself. 
  2. Create a pre-game strategy by making a list of what you think you will learn in advance of taking on a risk or trying something new and difficult. 
  3. Create a post game analysis by keeping track of how those challenges turned out and what you learned in the process. 
  4. Review your story and your mindset. How were you thinking about the challenge or risk going into it? 
  5. Get some external feedback.
  6. Give yourself a grade on how well you handled the feedback (HT: Adam Grant — I loved this suggestion!)

I’d love to hear if perfectionism, or the challenges I talked about in this episode, resonate with you, and also what strategies you use that help. You can message me at the contact link on . Click on Episode 229, or you can find me on  social media: Instagram, Linked In, and Facebook


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