Investing in Women to Improve the World: A conversation with Vital Voices CEO Alyse Nelson (Episode #41)

With Alyse Nelson, CEO, Vital Voices
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Show Notes

For more than two decades, Vital Voices has worked with thousands of women from more than 184 countries and territories to help them develop as leaders and entrepreneurs. Perhaps most interesting, these women make up a significant network of individuals who are at the forefront of global progress and innovation around the world. Our guest on the podcast is Alyse Nelson, the CEO of Vital Voices. Alyse is leading a model often referred to as “collaboration in action,” where she brings together corporate, nonprofit, and governmental partnerships to support these women and the impact that they’re having in their communities. We talked about how she measures progress — for herself and the organization; the power of mentorship; distilling feedback to get the greatest benefit; and much more. Her work and her approach is not only inspiring, but is creating momentum to help other women reach their potential as leaders that in turn helps them create change needed to solve problems around the world.